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I had the chance to learn my craft alongside very passionate chefs around the world. After many years in the field, my need to challenge conventions and constantly question what I do lead me to create Frederic Loraschi Chocolate.

Perfection is not of this world, they say. Perhaps not, yet that is what my team and I aim for everyday, an impossible dream: chocolate perfection!

I enjoy arriving in my shop early in the morning to the fragrance of warm melted chocolate, discovering rare and precious single origin chocolates that are delicate, harmonious and more intense and therefore more alive!

I love the perfume of caramelized hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts that meticulously processed in our workshop will become our signature pralines.

Finding the best products when the product is at its best!

Sourcing the finest ingredients will lead to the scientific creation of these chocolate squares that barely weigh half an ounce and will arouse your senses with more flavor, more finesse, more fullness and above all, less heaviness…

Our commitment to excellence had Frederic Loraschi Chocolate win the “Best Tasting” award at the U.S. Selection for the World Chocolate Masters in 2010 and “Top 10 Best Chocolatiers” in North America by Dessert Professional magazine in 2011.

As an artisan, I am profoundly lucky to be able to share my passion for chocolate with you, my customers.


F Loraschi