Premium Chocolate Bars

With the tradition and love for the chocolate bar, it just felt right for chocolatier Frederic Loraschi to create a chocolate bar collection that updates this classic confection. Our new assortment of chocolate features single origin bars, organic bars, and a variety of delicious chocolate flavors. Whatever your chocolate taste, we have the chocolate bar that is perfect for you. We offer bars in milk chocolate chocolate, for those that love smooth and silky textures, or dark chocolate bars, for those with richer tastes.

Single origin chocolate bars. Originating from exotic chocolate producing countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Madagascar, and Ecuador, our single origin chocolate bars are available in both dark and milk chocolate. These exotic cocoa beans bring the smooth tastes of the tropics directly to the doors of the chocolate connoisseurs among your family and friends.Organic Chocolate bars. A single origin plantation dark chocolate, our organic bar is made from chocolate originating from Mexico. The bar is bittersweet with unique licorice notes, and it is even rich in antioxidants.

A Quest for Taste

In order to make each of our chocolate creations a gloriously sensual journey, Frederic Loraschi Chocolate has set the strictest quality criteria possible for each type of chocolate and ingredient. Not a single chocolate leaves the workshop without first being tasted by Frederic Loraschi himself.

Get to Know Frederic Loraschi

Founder and creative director of the company that takes his name, Frederic Loraschi is renowned for his outstanding expertise and his passion for creating the world's finest chocolates

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