• Signature Pennsylvania Cities Chocolate Gift Bar
  • Signature Pennsylvania Cities Chocolate Gift Bar
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Signature Pennsylvania Cities Chocolate Gift Bar


Designed to be shared, our signature Pennsylvania cities chocolate bar combine delicious flavors and textures. Under a layer of slightly caramelized white chocolate, encounter the rich hazelnut crunchy crumble and salty pretzels pieces . Created in Frederic Loraschi workshop in Harrisburg near Philadelphia, this gourmet souvenir is a display of years of experience perfecting the craft. Our Signature Pennsylvania Cities Chocolate Bar  is handcrafted by expert chocolatiers out of the finest ingredients, to provide the ultimate chocolate experience. The gourmet chocolate bar make the perfect gift, but is also a great thing to keep around if you ever want to share a treat with family and friends.

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This product is manufactured on the same equipment that also processes soy, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and other tree nuts.

All of our products are shipped using UPS. Shipping options might be limited during the hot summer months to  guarantee each orders arrives in great conditions .