Chocolate Truffles

Whatever chocolate experience you are looking for, our wide selection of indulgent chocolate truffles will satisfy even the most demanding chocolate connoisseur. Chocolatier Frederic Loraschi has perfected these outstanding truffle recipes at his Philadelphia workshop in Harrisburg. Our chocolate truffles come in a variety of flavors including Grand Marnier, whiskey, rum raisin, champagne, and intense dark.

Browse our full selection of chocolate truffles, and you'll find choices to satisfy your sweet tooth. All of our chocolate truffles are beautifully presented in a 16 piece gift box that can be ordered online for your convenience. Also, be on the lookout for discounts and specials when you place your order!

A Quest for Taste

In order to make each of our chocolate creations a gloriously sensual journey, Frederic Loraschi Chocolate has set the strictest quality criteria possible for each type of chocolate and ingredient. Not a single chocolate leaves the workshop without first being tasted by Frederic Loraschi himself.

Get to Know Frederic Loraschi

Founder and creative director of the company that takes his name, Frederic Loraschi is renowned for his outstanding expertise and his passion for creating the world's finest chocolates

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