Sweet Confections

Our sweet confectionary is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, who don’t necessarily want to indulge in a square of fine chocolate, or a rich truffle. Find the ideal little treat to satisfy that craving, whether you like handcrafted artisan nougat, coffee and pecan caramels, or almond hazelnut caramels, we’ll have a great treat for you to indulge in. These also make the perfect gift for something with a sweet tooth, or the ideal treat to enjoy alongside a coffee.

Each of our sweet confections are created with exactly the same skill and expertise as our finest and most luxurious chocolates at the Frederic Loraschi Chocolate workshop in Harrisburg, Philadelphia. So we can guarantee the same care has gone into your sweet treats, as goes into our specialist chocolate.

A Quest for Taste

In order to make each of our chocolate creations a gloriously sensual journey, Frederic Loraschi Chocolate has set the strictest quality criteria possible for each type of chocolate and ingredient. Not a single chocolate leaves the workshop without first being tasted by Frederic Loraschi himself.

Get to Know Frederic Loraschi

Founder and creative director of the company that takes his name, Frederic Loraschi is renowned for his outstanding expertise and his passion for creating the world's finest chocolates

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