As an artisanal chocolate shop offering handcrafted luxuries and satisfying sweets, Frederic Loraschi Chocolate has reinvented chocolate perfection. Steeped in the French tradition, they create truly exquisite treats. Our chocolate shop serves the greater Harrisburg area, which includes Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg and Lemoyne, Hershey, Lancaster and York, PA.

Frederic Loraschi spent years learning his craft alongside chefs from all over the world. His keen talent for experimentation and his drive to challenge the conventions of traditional chocolate making lead him to create Frederic Loraschi Chocolate.  

The Frederic Loraschi Chocolate team aim to create the perfect chocolate and pastry experience, whether that is in their luxurious chocolate truffles, decadent gift boxes and smooth chocolate bars.   

Frederic Loraschi is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world, from the rich, dark chocolates of Venezuela, to the exotic cocoa of Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. They are then crafted into works of art in

Only the finest hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts are specially selected to be caramelized, and expertly processed in the Frederic Loraschi workshop, to become the smooth pralines that fill their delicious chocolate creations.

Their commitment to excellence had Frederic Loraschi Chocolate win the “Best Tasting” award at the U.S. Selection for the World Chocolate Masters in 2010, “Top 10 Best Chocolatiers” in North America by Dessert Professional magazine in 2011. 

As an artisan, Frederic Loraschi is incredibly proud to be able to share his experience as a Chocolatier, with his customers in Harrisburg, and people who order his chocolate creations from all over the US.